Product Catalogue

1.Sharp knife: side cutting 30degree, faster and cleaner (commom shaver: cutting 90degree)

4 head, washable IPX7, floating 4 heads, front-back moving head, left-right moving head

2.New hexagonal geometry foil, Irregular size hexagonal mesh design, greatly improving the ability of capturing beard

3.Linear motor:15000rpm,triple speed than normal shaver, more quickily (common shaver motor: 5000rpm)

4. Travel lock switch

5. Comfortable EP rubber sides

6. Red light LED flash when full charged, Blue light LED flash when low power(remain 1-2mins),reminder to charge

7. Speed charge: 1.5h

8. Working time: 20 times (one charge = keep working more then 45mins)

9. Lithium battery 3.7V 650mAH,long life, big capacity

10. Plug and play,overcharge protection

11. world wide voltage: 100-240V